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Global Herbs StrongBone (1kg)


As you will read in our joint information pack, strong bone development is key to avoiding so many common joint concerns. The herbs in StrongBone work incomparably better than Limestone in supporting strong natural bone growth. Limestone is not absorbed very well at all. StrongBone can be used in horses of any age. In the young it can be used to encourage proper skeletal development and in older animals it can be used routinely to ensure that joints remain as strong as they were when younger. The herbs in strong bone go a long way to ensuring a perfect balance between the need for Calcium, Magnesium and Phosphorus - the most important minerals for skeletal development. It is also worthwhile feeding GlobalVite for a source of other key minerals but even diets that are short of Calcium will usually be suitable if StrongBone is added as a food supplement. The herbs in StrongBone work by attaching to minerals in the diet and improving the way they are digested. When to use StrongBone; At a low level as a routine supplement to support strong joints, For young stock to support good skeletal development, In specific situations in any horse as part of a supplement program designed to support normal joint function, As a food supplement when there has been any damage to the skeletal system, To help with milk production in mares. DIRECTIONS: For quick support in an average horse use at 2 blue 25ml sccops twice daily over a period of 1-2 months. For routine supplementation of fit and active horses use at 1-2 blue 25ml scoops daily. For foals use at 5-10g/100kg daily depending on the quality of food and pasture. Available in 1kg and 5kg tubs. Global Herbs run a free vet advice phone line should you wish to discuss this product further to ensure it is suitable for your horse; (01243) 773 363.

  • Model: 1kg
  • Shipping Weight: 1.3kg
  • Manufactured by: Global Herbs

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