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Global Herbs SupaHOOF (1kg)


It is always best to feed nutrients in as natural a form as possible. SuperHoof is made from special plant material that contains natural Biotin within the plant itself. It is often interesting to see the difference in hoof quality between horses that are allowed to graze as far as they like on open range land compared to housed and confined animals that are limited in what they are able to eat. Those that can range far and wide in search of the right plants that contain good sources of Biotin and other nutrients have tough flexible hoofs that very rarely have problems. SupaHOOF is taken from plants that grow on the open African and Asian Savannah lands that horses love. It is still best if your horse can have access to as diverse grazing land as possible but SupaHOOF can make all the difference and give you the confidence that your horse does not have to desperately search for mineral and Biotin rich food when out on a ride. When to Use: Intensively if you are not happy about your horses foot condition (it takes 9 months to grow new hooves!), Routinely even if your horses hooves are not too bad. The extra minerals will help with lots of other parts of the body like joints, In conjunction with a program as outlined in the joint information pack, For young stock to make sure they grow up correctly. Available in 1kg powder in refill packs and tubs and also 5kg tubs. Global Herbs run a free vet advice phone line should you wish to discuss this product further to ensure it is suitable for your horse; (01243) 773 363.

  • Model: 1kg
  • Shipping Weight: 1.3kg
  • Manufactured by: Global Herbs

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 12 June, 2007.

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